The Friendly Clown’s Sandwich – Story for Children

One day, the friendliest clown of all, Giggles, was very hungry.

What should I eat? Giggles wondered and walked into his magical kitchen. An ice cream Sunday? A fruit salad? A slice of cake?

Then, Giggles had a great idea!

Clapping his hands with joy, he said, “A peanut butter sandwich!”

Then, he had an even better idea. He would make a peanut butter sandwich big enough to share with all his friends.

Giggles went to the fridge to look for the peanut butter jar.

“Fridge, open up please,” he said the magic words, clapping his hands twice.

But, the fridge stretched up tall and started to run all over the kitchen!

“Fridge, stop please!” Giggles called out.

The fridge stopped, right at the kitchen door.

Sighing, Giggles walked to it and opened it up.

Suddenly, a shower of fruits, vegetables and jars fell on top of him.

Giggles poked his head out of the pile and laughed, “I should have cleaned up the fridge yesterday.”

Grabbing the peanut butter jar, he went to get the bread.

But, when he opened the pantry, bags of rice waddled out. Beans jumped all around him and slices of bread glided through the air.

“Oh no, come back food!” Giggles cried out. He skipped, hopped, ran and leaped, trying to catch them all, but they were faster than him.

When he passed by the counter, a basket of eggs came to life and the eggs rolled all around the kitchen, gathered around him and sang, “Giggles, Giggles, with a messy, magical kitchen, you can’t share your sandwich with your friends!”

Giggles sighed, the eggs were right.

“Everyone, stop please!” he shouted and everything stopped moving.

One by one, he picked up the bags of rice, beans, slices of bread and eggs. Then he put them on their rightful place.

Happy that his kitchen was in order again, he walked to the counter, placed the slices of bread in the toaster and waited.

Suddenly, the toaster started spitting out slices of bread!

The slices flew through the air, slammed into jars of spices, a bag of flour and spilled a glass of orange juice.

Giggles covered his face with his hands, “Oh no, how will I make my sandwich now?”

“To make a peanut butter sandwich, a clean magical kitchen you must have,” sang the toaster.

Giggles looked around. The kitchen was a mess and there were dishes piled up to the ceiling in the sink.

He rolled up his colorful sleeves and went to the sink. Poring some bubbles on the dishes, he began to wash.

But the bubbles grew and grew. In the blink of an eye, Giggles was floating on a cloud of fluffy, bouncy bubbles and covered in foam from head to toes. He looked like a snowman!

“Bubbles, stop please!” Giggles said the magic words and the bubbles disappeared with a big, “Pop.”

But when he went to wash the dishes, they jumped out of the sink and danced all over the kitchen. Dishes danced with spoons and forks and mugs with knives.

Giggles laughed and clapped his hands twice, “Everyone, stop, please!”

When the dirty dishes, spoons, forks, knives and mugs stopped dancing, he picked them up and washed them until they sparkled.

Next, he did the same with his magical kitchen.

When the kitchen was clean and in order, Giggles smiled, “I can make my sandwich now!”

Singing a happy song and laughing along, Giggles toasted two huge slices of bread, sliced up some bananas, opened a jar of jelly and one of peanut butter, and slathered it too on the bread.

When the giant sandwich was ready, Giggles walked to his front door, honked his nose three times and called out, “Peanut butter sandwich for all my friends!”

The children, animals and magical creatures ran to him. Everyone got a piece of Giggles special sandwich and exclaimed, “Yummy!”

The End.


Planning A Kid’s Party

If you thought planning for a wedding was tough, try planning for a Child’s birthday party! Well, it may not be as difficult as a wedding, but it can certainly be a chore if you aren’t prepared. Children can be easy to please at times, but if you are planning for your child’s birthday, you want everything to go perfectly. Fortunately, there are many things that you can do to ensure that your kid’s birthday goes smoothly and provides a great time for everyone. Follow some of these tips while planning your child’s party and you’ll prevent yourself from going too crazy in the process!

Ask Your Child What He or She Wants

The best way to make sure everything goes off without a hitch is to ask your son or daughter what they want for their birthday party. If they want a Star Wars themed party and you decide to go with Dora the Explorer, you may be in for a bad time. Make sure you know what things your child is into so that you can start the planning off on the right foot.

Get Help from Friends

Chances are you have friends or family members that have planned children’s parties in the past. Ask them for advice. They have been through this before and should be willing to help you out, especially if they and their child are invited to your party. Your parents can be a great resource, as they probably planned plenty of parties in the past for you and your siblings! You don’t have to do everything yourself, so take all of the help that you can get so you don’t stress yourself out!

Research Entertainment Options

Every great party has some sort of entertainment, so take a look around your area to see what options there are for your kid’s party entertainment. If you have a musical child, you may consider booking a band, solo musician or DJ. This will keep them mesmerized as well as keep the party bumping. Or maybe you have an athletic child and would like to set up some sports games or bring a trainer to help kids with their soccer or baseball skills. You could also book a magician to wow both the kids and adults in your crowd. Magicians provide a great sense of humor while putting on an impressive visual show for everyone involved.

Hire a Clown

Clowns have been one of the classic forms of entertainment throughout history, and they’ve been performing at children’s birthday parties for years. If your kid likes to laugh and smile – and who doesn’t? – a clown is the perfect thing for your party plan. They can perform magic, make balloon animals, and even provide face painting and cotton candy services. If you are considering a clown for your party, contact the experts at texaskidsparties.com today! We have an elite team of hilarious clowns that is sure to make your kid’s party a blast!